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Matthias Krings and Uta Reuster-Jahn (eds.).
Bongo Media Worlds. Producing and Consuming Popular Culture in Dar es Salaam.
Köln: Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, 2014. , 286 Seiten
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cover Bongo Media Worlds


Matthias Krings / Uta Reuster-Jahn
Bongo media worlds – an introduction

Uta Reuster-Jahn / Gabriel Hacke
The bongo flava industry in Tanzania and artists’ strategies for success

Uta Reuster-Jahn:
‘Antivirus’ – the revolt of bongo flava artists against a media-and-entertain­ment empire in Tanzania

Gabriel Hacke
Tanzanian music videos in the Black Atlantic – the production, distribution and visual references of bongo flava video clips

Marie Luise Brüggemann:
Walking a tightrope – Orijino Komedi and political satire on Tanzanian television

Jan-Christoph Tromp:
The hour of consolation – mediating charisma in Tanzanian televangelism

Jörn Ratering
Don’t Mess with an Angel – the reception of a Mexican telenovela in Tanzania

Matthias Krings
Turning rice into pilau – the art of video narration in Tanzania

Claudia Böhme:
The rise and fall of a Tanzanian movie star – the case of Steven Kanumba

Tanja Rohrbach:
Daima mrembo – Beauty forever: promoting commercial interests and national identity through female bodies in the Miss Tanzania pageant

Mareike Späth:
Katuni – an ethnographic study of Dar es Salaam’s comic world

Gabriel Hacke
Living rooms in Dar es Salaam – a photographic essay